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Joy of the Hunt Part 2
Chapter 5
“Lovely child,” cooed the voice to Amorette, as she lay sleeping.
A little louder, the voice quietly continued, “Awake, Amorette.”
Amorette slowly opened her eyes and watched the beautiful blue smoke surround her.  Gently, it pulled her up from the bed and gracefully held her afloat, a full man’s height off the ground.  It opened the door and transported her out into the main hall, before cautiously standing her on her feet.  She opened the front door and wobbled out, being caught each time by the smoke, as she drifted left or right continuously.  Out onto the prairie, she traveled until concern finally seeped in and she stopped.
“What trickery is this?  How is it I have come to be out in the midst of this dark land, far from safety?”
“I have brought you here.”
Glancing up, she found herself shocked by the apparition of a gorgeous middle aged man.  He glowed from he
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Joy of the Hunt Part 1
Chapter 1
Veredus clutched his hunter’s bow lovingly to his chest, as his pointed ears perked in wait, as his mouth whistled, emitting a wave, which when returned would be interpreted by those elf-like ears, allowing him a better assessment of the situation.  Upon the wave’s return, he calmed immensely, knowing that danger lay miles and miles away, nowhere near his position.  And more rewarding, the most beauteous doe sat, lapping water from a nearby brook.  Veredus slipped soundlessly through the underbrush, not so much as snapping a twig.  His first hunt had been at ten, where he brought home the most luxurious of animals.  Rabbits, deer, the sneaky tree-dwelling snaps.  All were perfect.  More than perfect.  Beautiful.  Shining coats and strong muscle structure.  Veredus brought home the best of the best, suiting his name well.  He was the pride of the villa
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Nightmares Part 5
Chapter 19:
The Stuff of Dreams

No sooner had the boat reached the dock than the scene changed.  This time, however, only the perspective shifted. Howard and Debbie were on the same island, but higher, atop a ridge that overlooked the beach. They could see soldiers in trenches dug into the volcanic sand. Gunfire erupted sporadically all along the line. Their immediate surroundings appeared to be a command post: a low wall of sandbags marked out a rectangle, and within it the creature they had heard called the Master sat behind his ever-present desk, scanning the battlefield for signs of trouble.
The two had materialized inside a bamboo cage. Howard glared at the bars, and they immediately re-formed into high-backed chairs and a small table. Not to be left out, Debbie put her hands behind her back, then brought forth two tropical drinks complete with pineapple wedges and little paper umbrellas. She set them on the table and plopped down into one of the chairs.
The Maste
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Nightmares Part 4
Chapter 16:
The American Dream

Larry made his way to the door, reluctantly allowing the five to be alone.  Howard and Debbie gave each other glances that said, “This is our chance”.  They were disappointed when Larry simply yelled, “If it’s important, come back later.”
He sauntered back over to the group and sat back down on his chair.  “As I was saying…”
Another couple knocks, this time much louder.  Frustrated, Larry stormed over to the door and opened it.
From Howard and Debbie’s view, it seemed like his side exploded, as a bullet cut him down.  He fell to the floor, splattered in blood.  That’s when Heather stepped in.  She smiled at Debbie and Howard as she entered.  Clarissa reasoned whether or not to get up and bum rush the girl.  She didn’t have time to decide.  Heather pointed the gun at her and fire
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Nightmares Part 3
Chapter 11:
Island of Lost Dreams

“Quick, Debbie!” Howard yelled. “Open the other door!”
“Pull the lever for the left-hand door!”
“But that will let out the tiger for sure!”
“They’re both tigers!”
“Both?” Debbie repeated to herself, confused. By now the right door was halfway open, and an ominous growl could be heard from within. Debbie ran to the left-hand door and pulled its lever. As it slowly swung open, a tiger bounded out of the right door into the coliseum, and the crowd reacted with excitement. Howard had moved closer to Debbie, trying to shield her from any attack. The tiger oriented on Howard and slowly stalked toward him, preparing to spring…
And a second tiger emerged from the left-hand door. Its appearance shocked the spectators, and some of them started to boo. Both tigers were large males, and although they were doubtless very hungry, their primary instinct was to establish dom
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Nightmares Part 2
Chapter 6:
A Dream Come True

Howard tried to collect his thoughts, but as the fire surrounded them and moved in, he found himself panicking.  That is, until he saw the table with the glass of water on it.  He moved his attention back to Debbie, who had begun to cry.  Furious that she was so distraught, he ran toward the table and pulled the glass off, seconds before the table burst into flames.  He sighed in relief.  “Don’t worry, Debbie.  I have a glass of water.”
But before he could do anything more, the water inside burst into flames.  He dropped the glass, which shattered on the floor and melted.  With a shriek, Debbie ripped off her clothing which was now set ablaze.  Howard’s clothes followed suit, and he removed them as well.  Now the two were naked and afraid.  “This is the end,” she cried as he held onto her.  Even in the
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Nightmares Part 1
Chapter 1:
Perchance to Dream

Howard moaned, stirring in his bed.  He was in the grip of a nightmare.  It was the same dream sequence that had plagued him every night for two weeks; but, try as he might, he could not wake himself up or change any of the details.  And even though he recognized it as a nightmare, and knew what was coming, the horror of it all had not diminished.
It had started at a party in a large house, just short of palatial, with plenty of food and drink to go around.  Howard found himself in a ballroom where a string quartet was playing dance music.  He was talking to an attractive blonde whom he didn't recognize, although she bore a faint resemblance to a girl he'd dated briefly in high school.  At this point in the dream, in response to Howard's question about her occupation, she had just announced that she worked in a morgue. She then added, "Have you ever seen a corpse, up close?"
"No," Howard ha
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John and Brandon Monahan
United States
I know this is minorly unexpected for some people.  I assure you, this is no prank.  My father and I are going to be coming back to deviantart, but under our own site.  This makes things easier for friends and family, who would like to see our artwork without being hassled by all of my (Brandon) adoring fans.

And uh... my site has some mature stuff.

Anyways, for those who have never heard of me before, that's okay.  I mean, I've just been on DeviantArt for half a decade.

So to wrap this up, enjoy the series that my father and I have done together.  I'll start by posting the complete Nightmares, Joy of the Hunt and Heart Breaker series in the next week month or so.  And in a month or two couple months, my dad and I will start a brand spanking new series entitled Letters From the Front.

It's gonna be tight, y'all.

- Brandon (and John)


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